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Changzhou Huichang Sensor Co.,Ltd (HC) was founded in 1993. HC as the professional NTC temperature sensor manufacture in intergration of R&D, manufacture and trade, has an area of 11 acres and 300 people employees, HC has a professional technical team and first-class automation equipments, the annual production capacity is more than 90 million. In 2002, HC passed the ISO9001 and ISO14000, and was awarded as high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province every year.

In 2012, reply onthe good brand and vitality, Jiangsu province government decided to set up“NTC R & D center” in HC, for the R&D of high precision NTC, itlay the foundation and give strong support and help.

To be a professional manufacture focus on the NTC temperature sensor, with yearly constant innovation and continuous improvement, from chip R&D to NTC production, HC as a number of national patents. In the course of the development of the recently 20 years, HC constantly cooperate with world first-class brand enterprise, and win a wide range of visibility and good reputation in the world air condition, refrigerator, washing machine, small electrical appliances,and other fields.

“Innovation is the soul of an enterprise, the core technology is the backbone of enterprise ", in the future, Huichang will strive to steadily improve the management level and product quality, continuous supply competitive products and services, to win your trust!